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--- Quote from: Crusarius on August 30, 2021, 09:25:17 PM ---My condo was at the base of camelback mountain. Nice area but the ghetto overflowed and I kept being a theft victim. I still miss AZ alot but not sure I could ever live there again.

--- End quote ---
I havenít been there since 2012. Probably wonít return for awhile either sadly 

Peter what's up with that telehandler?  Did you ax the Cat?  Or is the Cat down and that's taking it's place for now?   :o

Dave Shepard:
The cat was a dog. He took it to the pound.  :D

Read Peter's thread "More bad luck" from Feb 2020 to get the story of the Cat that didn't have 9 lives.

Peter Drouin:
I went with the cat though they had good stuff. All there making now is over price junk.
Cat is not the same anymore,
I have a friend with a cat backhoe, 3500 hrs and it needs a rebuilt trans put in $35,0000 just the trans in a box. Now put in in$$$$  ::)


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