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Bandmill Bandit:
Hey Magic, good to hear from you too.

That spot is on the north end Kalum Lake, looking across the Kitsumm Kalum river delta to the north west. Our lake lot is about a 1/4 mile south right on the beach. Some incredible fishing on that lake and 5 others with in a 30 minute drive, but thats for next year.

My sons wife and the property owners wife are sisters. I sawed out a new 16' x 24' deck and 300' of cedar fence that has apparently motivated the tagging of about 20+ trees so far for spring milling for a whole bunch of projects on the camp grounds. Total of 46 acres with 28 camp/cabin sites at the moment. I'll post a few more pictures later. most of the lake abd boating pics I have posted come from the area. Also some of the best big game and trophy hunting, fishing and heli skiing.

Oh and I am doing mobile milling that Percy is passing on to me as they dont do mobile any more. Apparently I have favorably impressed a few the entrenched logger types with the quality of my work.    

I am guessing this video is a common scene there at your new place?


Peter Drouin:
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thanks Southside.. I needed that :D

How do you get sawing done with a view like that?   ;D


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