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A day cutting wood

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I like that log aligner . Nice whack of logs also.

I like for the log pile to be at least 10' from the sawmill so I can adjust them with a 4"X4" as Steve suggested above.

I do have roller toe boards, but whatever method that you use, it is far easier to always have the log adjusted before it is loaded onto the sawmill.

Most times for minor adjustments on 8' logs, I roll it back onto the loader pulling the long end first and then back onto the sawmill pushing the long end first.

A good idea. What kind of wood? Rain here today too.

Chuck White:
Great Whack O Logs Peter!

I like the idea of the "log shifter", must save a lot of hastle.

Peter, looks like you have a good system workin for you there, good job! Markd


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