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just another bench

Started by Dave H., May 15, 2015, 06:51:10 PM

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Dave H.

7  months in the planning,3 weeks to build.finished today,will delivery  sat morn. this is a 50th wedding aniversery plesent to my parents. in the tree carving  is a family tree.this cherry is from the very first logsi cut up with my mill. my (middle )daughter drew the tree ,wrote in the names,painted some,i carved and painted.



  these are bookend matches turned the same way.


nice figure on the end


back side

view from the top showing how the curve of the seat goes underneith  the top.

hackberry jake

 smiley_applause Job Well Done!!!

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That my friend is one fine bench  8) 8). Mom and Dad will be proud
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AWESOME job!!!!!

They will love it and will appreciate all the effort and love that went into making it!

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Not "just another bench", that is a beauty and a real family keepsake. Well done. 8)
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      I agree. Not just another bench, that is Superb ;D. I do not think I have used that word on here before, but that is very nice, and what makes it special is that it sounds like it come from the heart. A very nice gift indeed.
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Can I be your parent? ;D That is great.
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Just plane flat a beauty!   Pretty certain Momma will shed a tear of joy with this one,
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Thanks for sharing


Simply beautiful and a priceless gift for darned sure.
Great job.


With all due respect, that's not "just another" bench! That is outstanding!! A real heirloom.
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They may get a few gifts but I am certain none will be more meaningful.  What a cool idea and great execution!  Heirloom is right!  Great pics !

Delawhere Jack

Your parents raised a good son. Very nice work.


It is better to ask forgiveness than permission


The Old Goat could take a nap on that bench. Good job!
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As everyone stated that's not just another bench!  Beautiful work there, puff out your chest and be proud!


That bench is very nicely done and truly is a work of art.  Also, Congratulations on the 50th anniversary!!   smiley_love
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beautiful work, the finish looks great too. all around a great job!  :)


Now THAT's an heirloom!  And a gorgeous one at that.  All the best, Rob.
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