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multitek 1610EZ - Modifications


mine is the older version 2008, Controls on the opposite side from the live deck.
only Modification  = conveyer lifter, i replaced the nylon strap with a steel cable and 2 pulleys, giving me a three line pull. makes lifting the conveyor from the ground MUCH easier.
it has a two strand live deck. wish it was a three strand

how many things have you broken?

Tom L:
have you come up with a good idea to raise the conveyor after it is folded in half?

I can fold my conveyor in half, and it is more than a little heavy trying to fold it. or open it up.

there has to be a better way to do it. when trying to set up by yourself.

lowering conveyor: place flat board under joint to prevent stuff being pinched into joint.
raising conveyor: place a 2x4 that is at least 2 feet long under the end of the conveyor.
press down on the joint. the end should be 2 feet off the ground to make folding easier.

the cable and pulley that connect to the conveyer at the joint are attached with clevis hooks that i can move to the end of the conveyor to assist with the folding, then re-attached to the fold joint to lift





some more modifications

changed pulley direction

added hole to get hand through to change chainsaw chain

added removable tool platform

made openings taller so i can use my ratchet on the bolts

my tool cart

socket set
1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch sets
Warning - plastic is brittle in cold weather, :D


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