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First Bench

Started by Briankinley2004, March 28, 2017, 11:17:38 PM

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This is my first benc project cut from some pine logs given to me by a school we are remodeling. I cut the logs on my WM 130 and kiln dried. I am donating the bench back to the school. The legs were painted red as that is the school color




Well done!  I like the look of knotty pine.
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Yup, that is showing a knotty gnarly Pine who is Boss.   smiley_thumbsup
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Andy White

Great looking benches for sure. The best use for those gnarly, knotty slabs. Great work.

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Gorgeous bench.
They will be proud to have it.
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You're going to have to show us more pictures.  :o
That looks great!  How did you make the legs? 

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Yellow I bought the legs online from a site called Etsy. I guess it like eBay or amazon. They were a bit pricey at 115 a pair but I don't have time to build them and am back logged on projects. This is the only other picture I have of finished project. Man do you chase your tail on a two sided epoxy project. I need to find some non self leveling


I love it.  Very nice job on the bench.  It is amazing how good gnarly pine turns out.
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Looks great you did a great job.


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