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Wool Is King!

Started by Walnut Beast, January 18, 2023, 02:08:40 AM

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Pike Bro. (Very hip(ster) sells a CPO wool shirt - made in Portugal that's the thickest, most corse material I've seen outside of old military. It's my shirt for through winter. It has a tab closure at the collar, a small but appreciated feature.
Hjartum yxa, nothing less than breitbeil/bandhacke combo.

Walnut Beast

Wool produces heat when wet😳. That's another reason wool is king when wet! A little test in the kitchen.


One winter I went knee deep in water when ice let way on a beaver pond. Rung out the socks and poored water from the boots and wasn't cold for the mile hike out. Feet was never cold and all I wore were logger's boots, no insulation.
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I had several silk lined shirts made years ago. Best shirts I ever had. I hate to wonder what they'd cost now. The wool was from Oregon. Famous name, can't think of it now

I use wool socks year round. Over the calf, otherwise they fall down to me ankles. Heavy weight. They help cushion my back. Feet only sweat a little
Would that be Pendleton? I have a couple of their wool,shirts and they are fantastic!
You wool'd be correct 
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