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Newly purchased 2002 LT40HD25

Started by brooksmill, March 29, 2007, 12:19:28 PM

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This is my first post so not sure if I'm doing it right or not.  I'm from West Va. and just purchased my first mill.  I started out on a circular mill with my Dad,  worked 33 years for a power company and about to retire.  I've always Loved smelling that sawdust so I bought my mill and plan on doing some sawing of my own logs and maybe others.  Have only sawed a couple logs so far but plan on taking some time off and really getting into it.  I'll probably have a lot of questions and hope some of you experienced millers can help me out.  I've been reading your posts and don't yet understand some of the language.  I've already ruined my first blade by hitting the clamp.


good job on the clamp!  hitting the turner makes you a pro!  I prefer to saw through the backstops :)

what part of WV are you from? I originally hail from Berekely County.

there's a host of info here on this site, take a few evenings and dig way back on the sawing section.  good luck!

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Welcome to the Forum Brooksmill.   8)

You're a veteran sawyer now!
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Welcome Brooksmill.  The only definition you need is for the word DanG.  It is a universal descriptive used for most everything.  The other major word is food - needs no defining.
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Welcome brooksmill! I too have just become involved in a new mill, a '92 LT40E15.

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Welcome brooksmill.   Where in WV are you located?  I'm sure you won't regret the purchase.
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Hey there brooksmill. If you don't like grits just don't admit it. Welcome. :)
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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new favorite pastime. Be sure and hold on for the ride. BTW how many hours on your mill? Joe
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Welcome to the forum. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

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Woodhick/Dan_Shade:  I'm from Petersburg, Grant County.  And by the way I Love Grits. 


Good man. DanG should be along anytime now to find out if you have any recipes which might not be in his arsenal. That would be shocking though. :)

DanG is the moniker for his actual name . . . . Dan Grits. It's also the official "cussword" of the FF.
The oil is all in Texas, but the dipsticks are in D.C.


Welcome and enjoy the forum! 

I'm kinda gettin the willies.   This is the third time this week I've run into a funny coincidence....

I am John Brooks.  And, I live in Grant Michigan. 
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You will be happy with the mill.Welcome to the forum.I will ignore the fact that you like grits.     :D   :D
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