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Title: Poulan Model 1950 Questions
Post by: ERSisETB on April 29, 2018, 01:57:37 PM

Just wanna say thanks for including me to the forum. I see a lot of experience and knowledge here. I live in SE CT with lots of trees in my neck of the woods. I recently hired some pros to take down some good-sized specimens (poplar, maple, mostly). I also have smaller trees I want to take down. I do part-time blacksmithing and I like to make my own charcoal for forging (I like the regular soft coal, too). My backyard fire pit sees plenty of use also. That being said, I am obviously no forestry pro by any means. I'm pretty much your "Steady Eddie" homeowner who does occasional seasonal woodwork on my property.  

I have a Remington 14-inch electric chain saw with a new Stihl chain (what a difference a decent chain makes). I also have a Poulan Wood Shark with an 18-inch chain (retrofitted it from a 14-inch). For a Wallyworld Special, It ran like a champ, cutting cords of wood, for a good 2 - 3 years. After the gaskets were chewed alive by the ethanol put in gas these days, I put in aside years ago (~2008 ). I now know enough to get gas without that crap in it... 

I'm fairly handy and I have wrenched on it before. My question: is there a reference where I can find information on the differences in these models? When I went to some parts Websites, I saw the model number referred to, with suffixes from 1 - 7. I don't know which years equals which saws. I would guess Poulan has hired out other manufacturers to do their saws over the years. It's basically a near-bottom-of-the-line semi-disposable saw, but I'd like to get her back up and running if I could. I'm trying to find out which "number" the saw would be: Model 1950 1, Model 1950 2, etc? Saw was made around 2004. 

Anyways, I appreciate any suggestions, links or other clues anyone could throw in my direction. 

Anything would be appreciated. 


Title: Re: Poulan Model 1950 Questions
Post by: dougand3 on April 29, 2018, 03:14:07 PM
The Poulan 1950 IPL list all types 1-7. Seach online for Poulan 1950 IPL and download it. The type differences are minor and usually are plastics hanging on saw, not an engine difference.
If you've never rebuilt a carb, just buy a new one. Search ebay (or other) for Poulan 1950 carburetor. ~$12.