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Title: ring barking dougless fur /Oregon
Post by: hatman-nz on June 13, 2018, 04:48:57 PM
strange   question   any one  done  this in a forest  and  did it work  
ok reson for asking   large block of trees   
planted  at  about 600 per acre  back in 96/99   
high  wind site  so   thinning  down to  300 +/-  per  acre may have  high  risks  
so  thinking  maybe  ring bark  the poor ones     broken tops  twisted etc      
i have a mate   who likes to build stuff  so  will make a  machine to cut a 4-5 inch   ring bark
or  is  chem killing a better  way 
seems to be a lot of  thinking  the root grafting  would lead to   eather the tree  growing if ringbarked   or  if  killed with chem    the other trees  will die 
Title: Re: ring barking dougless fur /Oregon
Post by: BradMarks on June 13, 2018, 06:00:10 PM
Not sure if I am following correctly here. Ring barking=girdling.  Stand is located in Oregon? High wind? - coastal area? 19-22 yrs old. Should have been thinned 6-8 yrs ago. What is dia and height average?  Might be able to wait some years and do a commercial thinning but probably not as volume may not be there with that many stems/ac. That said, girdling the trees down to 300/ac could leave half your stand as dead and standing, not a safe condition. Chemical application will leave the stand in the same condition. But cutting them down this old with no removal creates a bad slash condition. Honestly don't know what I would do at this point. In summary, I'm no help!
Title: Re: ring barking dougless fur /Oregon
Post by: hatman-nz on June 13, 2018, 08:11:15 PM
Hi Brad 
yep  girdling    same as ringbarking
stand in in new zealand  highcountry    with high winds   up to 60 mph  in worst cases   maybe  avg 20 odd mph 
i did quiz up a guy in NZ and he was of  the same thinking  of probs  with heath and safety  with  number of dead standing trees  
hopefull my maths works  out ok  
one  area   that trees growen in shelter   range from  46 foot to 54 foot high    7inch to 10 inch  bhd  
they would be the bigger ones   
on avg  96 planted   7-10 inch bhd  and  33-45 foot   99 planted  6-9 inch  bhd  and  30 odd foot high  
we  have looked at  1 in 5  row thinning  and pulling out   timber    price   about 120 per cube meter   for some at port  with a 4 inch  sed     down side is  wind  tranks  left by removeing   the whole row  along with some good trees  
whole block can be  logged  by ground based gear  feller bunchers  skidders etc 
fire wood  log  may sell for about  80-90  kiwi a ton  not sure if   at wood mans yard  i would be guessing so   it would  be  close to break even  at that money  But   forest is   also a carbon  forest  so if  logs sold  carbon has to be repayed   to govt  (it's a  strange set up and add's a twist to  foresty )
Emissions Trading Scheme | MPI - Ministry for Primary Industries. A New Zealand Government Department. (
in a nut shell   the trees lock up carbon  and you get  units  for the carbon  if sold/logged pay it back  
cheers  for your  reply