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Title: KD150 questions
Post by: Lopi on June 29, 2018, 05:55:16 PM
Hi Gang,  another new guy here.  I was sickened seeing our quality hardwoods being put in the tub grinders.  As a retirement activity/business Iíve purchased a Wood Mizer mill and a KD150 kiln which will replace my home made DH kiln.   Stan at Nile has been helpful in starting me on the right track.    I have a load of 6/4 black walnut just finicheing up as my first load.  A couple questions;  Do you guys use sample boards or do you pin the lumber to check on drying progress?  Do you use additional fans, I used a few box fans on low. Even on low, they are creating a differential in MC.   I used plywood to baffle the load, in addition I had some canvas painter drop clothes, I used them to create a ďtentĒ over the load.  This appeared to provide a great path for air movement, is there a downside to a super baffle?  And, when and how do you guys sterilize the load, at the end?  Any advice on what you use to get up to 140-150F? 

Thanks for any input and insight,  Jeff
Title: Re: KD150 questions
Post by: WDH on June 29, 2018, 08:14:04 PM
I have the Nyle L53, same unit.  I am so used to running mine that I just use the moisture meter.  The 1" polystyrene 4' x 8' panels make a quick and light baffle.  Plywood is too heavy for me.  I have 4 additional 800 CFM fans on the baffle deck, two on each side of the unit, and two box fans on the floor behind the wood blowing toward the back wall. 
Title: Re: KD150 questions
Post by: Lopi on July 01, 2018, 04:12:10 PM
Thanks, do you run the kiln up to 140+ to sterilize?  Iím guessing a few of the work lights will do the trick.    Another dumb question, if  wood seems to normalize at 12% or so here in the upper Midwest, do we really need to take the lumber to 8% and then let it slowly increase to 12% on its own? 
Title: Re: KD150 questions
Post by: WDH on July 01, 2018, 07:38:59 PM
150 degrees for 24 hours to sterilize. 
Title: Re: KD150 questions
Post by: GeneWengert-WoodDoc on July 01, 2018, 10:20:09 PM
The interior of a home in the Midwest is around 6% EMC in the winter and 9% EMC in the summer.  Outside is 12% EMC.  For exterior-use wood, we do not need to dry to 7.0% MC.
Title: Re: KD150 questions
Post by: 123maxbars on July 16, 2018, 08:54:00 AM
I do the same as WDH I also use two cheap heat lamps(work lights about 24$ at home depot) to get the temp up to 150 faster than if I was relying on the kiln. The kiln will get you there on the high temp but the heat lamps speed up the time of reaching 150. After I hit 150 I turn the lamps off. Great kiln and a great money maker!