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Title: timber vs log joists
Post by: cgsemrau on August 14, 2019, 09:59:25 PM
Wanted to get some feedback on my floor joists.  I have run calculations for load and span.  I need a midspan diameter for my redpine log with one flat face of 6.5" (SRTB).  I will be sawing labor day weekend.  I was curious for the floor joists if it would be better to use a squared timber .  The floor joists will be on 3 foot centers of a floor for a 14x14 feet room over piers 18" off the ground.  Would the round logs be more prone to rot for this application than square timbers?  I am hand hewing the wall logs, and one of the advantages is getting rid of the sapwood to decrease rot.  I am thinking this would be beneficial for the joists as well.  I will be treating with borate either way.  Not sure how much the sapwood vs heartwood matters for redpine since the are beneath the building.  

Soil is pretty much pure sand in northern wisconsin too by the way, so it dries pretty quick up there.