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Title: buying logs
Post by: lord_kenwolf on January 14, 2006, 09:14:01 PM
i was wondering when you buy logs do you ever let the logger scale the logs ?  we have always scaled them our selves when they got delievered. last summer we bought 3 truck loads of logs and we scaled the first load, and then the logger scaled the second, we both did the third load and we split the difference. this was the first time that the logger wanted to scale them him self.  would you buy logs from a logger that didnt want you to scale them ? we use the international scale with the 1/4 kerf. the logger used one called the bangor rule. their is a big difference in the two. specialy when you buy a couple truck loads of logs. what would you do ?
Title: Re: buying logs
Post by: extrapolate85 on January 14, 2006, 10:33:35 PM
If I was in your shoes, I would do all the scaling myself (it's normally not standard for the seller to scale for payment), as you are the one that knows what you can pay for logs. Log rules are all arbitrary, so what is important is that the logs get scaled consistently and both parties understand the procedures so that they can make good business decisions. It might also prove worthwhile to have a local professional log scaler scale them for you (if you can find one who is interested in doing a little moonlighting for a reasonable fee) as they will have the experience and credibility to give confidence in the scale.

That said, it is only fair that the logging contractor and/or the timber owner have a right to scale the logs themselves (if they so choose for comparison purposes) and discuss with you any difference between your volume and theirs (commonly it is considered that scale should be within + or - 3% given a 10,000 bf sample). It is also only fair that the seller be very clear on how the logs are scaled. Again, if it was me, I would use the international 1/4" rule (given its acceptance in your area, and it is well documented and more common than the Bangor rule) and use the following set of guidelines as my standards; (this link will lead you to a very nice and simple set of standards) and I would print a few copies to give my log suppliers, so that they understand the yardstick that I am using.  I actually prefer the cubic log rule as it is a lot easier to predict recovery and convert from weight, but I got a hunch that might be a tough sell.

Anyway, good luck

Title: Re: buying logs
Post by: Warren on January 14, 2006, 10:41:11 PM
Everyone I have dealt with here in Kentucky has used Doyle scale.  I scale logs from private individuals myself before I quote a price.  The logger I buy most of my logs from drops a ticket with his tally when he drops the logs. (I'm not always here.)  I go back and scale them myself before I write the check.  So far we've always been close.  I would be hesitant to pay for a load of logs before I had a chance to scale the load.

Title: Re: buying logs
Post by: lord_kenwolf on January 15, 2006, 10:08:48 AM
thanks for that link, that was very informative.