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Title: 570 grief
Post by: arojay on April 09, 2007, 06:56:28 PM
I have a 570 that I have mentioned in other posts, that has given me nothing but problems since buying it about 15 months ago.  Initally, it would flood while parked in the shop, pick-up or on the skidder.  When I say flood, it would empty the gas tank into the cylinder.  The last time it emptied through the carb.  After carb kits, needles and vents the mechanic finally put on a new carb.  I should say that they are doing all of this on warranty.  The other ongoing problem is with coils.  Dealer has put in 3, the current one last week.  I got the saw Friday evening, used it on Saturday, took yesterday off and felled about 8 trees with it today and it quit while idling, no spark.  I live about a hundred miles from the dealer so I won't get it in there until next week.  Dealer's mechanic doesn't know why it goes through coils but he says they are junk when he checks them out.  I suggested the flywheel but they checked it out and say it is ok.  I'm going to get a 372, they have one on the rack, but I would like to know what is going on with this 570.  I kind of like it for a medium saw, when it runs.  Any ideas?