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Title: First run on logosol ph260
Post by: MikeH on July 15, 2007, 10:22:19 PM
I made my first flooring off of my new to me, Logosol ph260 yesterday.  I had over 800 bf of narrow boards to use up.   I made four different widths.  Everything was already planed to 13/16ths and both sides were straight line ripped.  I have read in earlier posts of people having problems planing 13/16ths through this planer.  I had no problems with boards feeding through the machine.  I also ran the first few through the machine upside down, but was getting some snipe off of first cutter head, which would be the top of board when going through upside down.  I turned back over, sent boards through right side up and had  no snipe on top of the board or any other problems.  Overall everything worked great. 8) 
 These were all boards of my bargain rack that nobody would buy because they were to narrow. I hope they will buy these.....

Title: Re: First run on logosol ph260
Post by: Dodgy Loner on July 16, 2007, 02:27:58 PM
Lookin' good!  I do believe you'll find an eager customer for those QS oak floorboards ;).