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Title: Different Airline, Same Result.
Post by: Mooseherder on June 24, 2008, 07:05:18 PM
Stranded again I say. :(
This time we were not going to sleep in an airport like we did last year.
The airline didn't want to pay for Hotel Rooms so we took care of it, got a nice room, dinner and checked out the sites in Boston.   Fat chance we will receive but will fight for re-imbursement.  The day our flight was cancelled they said it was mechanical and the next day they said it was because of weather. :D (so they are not responsible)
Worse than their half truths is you are virtually helpless for 30 hours or more and they just do not care.   Had they cared and helped everyone it would of cost half of what it did.  How do they expect people who are in a city they know nothing about to fend for themselves?   Sad part is I already paid for next vacation flights with same airline.  Options are getting very limited. 
Title: Re: Different Airline, Same Result.
Post by: fencerowphil (Phil L.) on June 24, 2008, 07:11:05 PM
A big-name airline recently bailed out entirely on the airport at Macon, Ga.
They had been foolishly trying to use 50-seaters for commute flights to Atlanta.

The replacement company will be using 9-seat planes.  If the other company
had been more realistic and flexible, they could probably had made the operation
work.   We will be seeing more of this sort of shifting before this works itself out.
Lots of fussing and fuming ahead.