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Title: Rentech opens synthetic fuel plant in Colorado Jet & Diesel fuel
Post by: SPIKER on August 07, 2008, 11:03:55 AM
this is great news, I was a show last night that had this owner/operator of the company last night   he openly talked about and brought samples of the new fuel in on the show...   They can produce fuel from Nat gas and or coal/coke.  Plant is supposed to be in Mississippi someplace. but I think they are headquartered in Colorado.

company website

this is good news I didn't see when they expect to make profits but listening in it sounded as if profits were to be had as long as fuel prices were above the $2.25/gallon range!!!

currently the new plant only makes some 500 gallons a day for experimental uses and to give to the US EPA for testing & approval.  I'm sure that this has been done b4 the Germans were way ahead of the ballgame making the stuff for AV-GAS & Tank fuel back in WWII.   I'm not sure why they didn't keep this going back then other than cost vs oil.   BUT listening to them last night they said that they have a NEW process that they have patent on so ???

I bought stock in there this AM. (ticker symbol "RTK" )  and already up nearly 0.50C/share on a cheap 2.50 stock.   for anyone that has been following the stock market info from a different post..

Mark M
Title: Re: Rentech opens synthetic fuel plant in Colorado Jet & Diesel fuel
Post by: SPIKER on September 09, 2008, 08:36:14 PM
Just wanted to bump this up and ass more information

they have the test factory up and running now (last week) making some 500 gallons a day. not much but they also can use just about ANY carbon bearing material to make the liquid diesel fuel.  also makes many other products.  they have some rights to develop sold and are in negotiation's for more...   they are planning on putting up 5~6 sites that can make 100;s of thousands of barrels of the fuel / day.   they are planning on putting them at mouths of coal mines and nat gas fields where the point source fuel is located.   the stock price has dropped with every thing else so if you want to buy some it might be a great entry point.  I own some stock in them myself...

mark M