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Title: opinions on 10hp electric
Post by: brdmkr on June 09, 2011, 03:20:53 PM
I am going to look at a bandmill this weekend that I MAY purchase.  It has a 10hp single-phase electric motor on it.  I am not even sure of the manufacturer as a friend heard about the mill and will be taking me to see it.  All he could tell me about it was that it is a manual band mill without a trailer and that it has a 10hp single phase electric motor on it.  I know that several forumites have mills with 10hp electric motors.  Do they perform OK? 
Title: Re: opinions on 10hp electric
Post by: sst04 on June 09, 2011, 05:31:38 PM
I like mine, although I am no expert, I just bought it.  It seems to cut large pines well without bogging down. And  it is fairly quite.

What part of georgia are you going to look?
Title: Re: opinions on 10hp electric
Post by: Ianab on June 09, 2011, 05:46:54 PM
A 10hp electric engine should perform similar to a 20hp gas engine on a sawmill. And 20hp gas is considered sensible for a manual bandmill.

Reason is that the torque curve of an electric motor is different. When you start loading down an electric motor the torque actually increases, so you keep cutting (basically until an overload or over-temp trips). With a gas engine, as it looses revs, it looses torque, and you either need to slow down, or it stalls totally.

Definitely worth checking it out if you have the power available to use it. Electric is generally cheaper to run, quieter and more reliable.

Title: Re: opinions on 10hp electric
Post by: jim blodgett on June 09, 2011, 11:13:48 PM
I have a manual bandmill with a 10hp electric motor and it works great for me.

There are pros and cons to electric or internal combustion power plants (portability, maintenence, noise, fumes...others that don't spring to mind).

I don't rely on sawing to generate income, but I have milled several thousand bf with that little mill and the only thing I'd really like to add is hydraulic log handling.  The electric motor is one case where I think I made the right decision the first time around.