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Title: Turkey Gobbler
Post by: Autocar on May 11, 2012, 08:09:17 AM
Got permission to hunt a different farm along the St. Marys river I had never been on the property till this morning. I walk a half a mile in moon light ,reaching the timber line the grass and weeds was waist high [ not good ]. So I found a trail and started back it then held up for a little day light. At twenty till six I hear a gobble so I start heading in that direction only to find the river was between me and the turkey. I know the area on the south side of the river and here he was in a fence line darn near up to the next road south of me. So I find a flooded out area thinking I may get him to fly across to it, by now he's gobbling like theres no tomarrow. After a hour it seems like he never moved so Iam wondering whats with this guy. So I walk back out wetter then a wet hen from the waist down dew was like it rainned all night. I drive around the section and here at the end of the fence row theres a set of buildings. Standing in the barn yard was this gaint tom turkey  :D he was still gobbling. For sure he got the last laugh, beautiful morning calm clear seeing two hens and a deer life dosen't get any better then that !
Title: Re: Turkey Gobbler
Post by: celliott on May 11, 2012, 10:46:30 AM
Last Saturday I took my girlfriend out turkey hunting, her first time out. Didn't see anything Friday night, it was wicked foggy. Still, got out there early Saturday morning. Walking down the field, about to come over the last rise to where we were gonna sit, and we hear a gobble, right in the field. So we snuck back and found a place to sit on the edge of the field looking that way. I set a decoy out so he would walk right in front of us when he saw it.  This was about 5:05AM, barely legal shooting light.  Started calling, he started gobbling again.  He was gobbling his fool head off, I've never heard a turkey gobble so much. Kept on gobbling, but not moving anywhere. Finally after 40 minutes of persuasion he walked over the crest of the hill, and made a beeline for the decoy. He walked 20 yards in front of Meghan, and she blasted him. 14LB jake, 3.5" beard, boy was she excited  :) I was too, it's just as much fun to call them in for someone else.  She cleaned it out, and it was pretty good eating.  Very memorable turkey hunt.
Title: Re: Turkey Gobbler
Post by: Magicman on May 11, 2012, 02:04:06 PM
I enjoyed both stories.  Matter of fact, I have lived both stories in one form or the other.   ;)