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Title: Profitable Portable Firewood Workshop in Princeton, WV
Post by: Leigh Family Farm on March 05, 2014, 10:13:14 AM
Hey Everyone,
I received this email from the US Forest Service Wood Education and Resource Center located in Princeton, WV. Apparently they are offering a one day class for firewood producers. I thought some of you on here might be interested in the class.


Subject: Announcement-Sawmill Magazine Supporting the Profitable Firewood Processing Workshop-Thursday, April 17th, 2014-You Are Invited!
The US Forest Service Wood Education and Resource Center in Princeton, WV is hosting the Profitable Firewood Processing Workshop on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at the WERC in Princeton, WV.  This is a nationally focused firewood workshop that is the best educational and networking event for the firewood industry in 2014.  For landowners and small sawmill owners firewood can be an opportunity to support a business or additional personal income.
This one day event has top level presenters leading discussions on sourcing firewood logs, firewood processors and packing equipment, firewood dry kiln drying options, better firewood marketing, the impact of insect quarantines, new firewood stove emissions regulations and testimonials of firewood business owners.  The workshop registration fee is $25 per person and includes a buffet lunch.
The workshop invites vendors to set up information tables and outdoor demonstrations at no extra charge.  Harry Watt, Wood Products Specialist at North Carolina State University, is the contact person for the Profitable Firewood Processing Workshop, phone 704-880-5034, email  Additional information can be found at (
Please forward this email to anyone you think would find the workshop of interest.  This workshop attracts firewood industry professionals from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border as the USFS WERC serves the thirty-five states east of the Great Plains.
Independent Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine and WoodShop News are media partners for this workshop.  Attached is the Firewood Workshop pdf brochure.