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Title: First quarter sawing
Post by: MrMoo on August 12, 2004, 07:51:34 AM
Hi Folks,
I quarter sawed my first log last weekend. It was a red oak not too big but about 17-18" dia that belonged to a friend of mine. Certainly a lot different than flat sawing.
We ended up with lots of nice boards with several of them showing lots of figure. My buddy was very happy with the results. Sorry I don't have pics we haven't bought a digi camera yet.
Later that evening my wife says to me she was very impressed with how much I have learned about sawing and that I knew how to quarter saw the log. I just smiled and said the only reason I knew how to do it was because of the folks at the FF. It was here that I learned how it was done. Several of you have posted topics about your quarter sawing adventures and I have read them all. In particular some of Tom's diagrams were very helpful.
Thanks to everyone here for sharing your knowledge and thanks to Jeff for having the Forum.
Saturday weather permitting we are going to quarter a 27" white ash. Should be fun.
Thanks again,
Title: Re: First quarter sawing
Post by: Bibbyman on August 12, 2004, 07:33:30 PM
Yea,  you about need a picture to show off quarter sawn boards.  One way you can get them without a digital camera is to take regular pictures and then take them to a place that can not only develop them and make prints but also record them on a disk for you in JPG format.