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Title: crack in woodstove
Post by: robmelby on October 09, 2016, 08:01:50 AM
 Good morning ,
 When cleaning my Jotul 602B wood stove yesterday I discovered a horizontal crack in the middle of the back plate. Also the 2 removable side plates have vertical cracks. The side's are not my concern as they are easy to replace. The back is concerning.

 After speaking with a friend, we came up with some options.

1. Replace the back plate with a new one.
2. Drill an 1/8'' hole at either end of the crack so it wont crack further. And hope when the stove heats up the crack will close on its own.
3. Find a welder to braise or weld the crack( it's cast iron).

 To replace all the cracked parts is $400. I don't know if after taking the stove apart if I'll ever get it sealed as good as from the factory. Please weigh in with you all's vast experience. Thanks in advance for your time.

Rob M.

Title: Re: crack in woodstove
Post by: Ox on October 09, 2016, 10:38:40 AM
#3.  Call around a little, explain what ya got and get some prices.  I bet it'll be your cheapest and longest lasting option.  If the welder/fabricator can get to your stove, the little 110 volt welders will run in your house and you won't have to take the stove out.  The flue would help suck out welding fumes.  If he needs 220 volts, hook into your dryer or stove outlet if you have it.  They have plenty of plug adapters at the hardware stores.  Or hotwire right out of the breaker box with a temporary outlet/socket.