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Title: Getting things dialed in "finally"!
Post by: mad murdock on May 21, 2017, 10:23:52 AM
Got things going well finally. The large lag is my fault due to so many irons in the fire concurrently!  I moved the mill to my neighbors log stack and started in on his wood last night. I modified Jakes dolly with some better tires and wheels (learnt the hard way) and will be making a trailer dolly that will attach to the beam as I fashioned a tough adapter to fit into the head post on the front end of the mill.  I will get a few pics and put with this post later. I really like the 395XP on this mill. Plenty of power with the dual port muffler and it rips through the cuts no problem. I tired a 4" cut and even one single pass 6" cut, they were doable but 2" and 3" cuts are much faster and are definitely the way to go. First log a 15' doug fir, planed across the top of the log to check adjustments, all looked good, planed a vertical face to check vertical adjustments and all was good. After the move I had to re square the carriage to the beam as there was some jostling that occurred in transit, due to the wheel failure. No damage to anything though. A testament to the tough nature of these awesome mills!  Very easy to move. With the wheel and tire upgrade I made, the mill will travel in the woods much easier also. ( Neighbors Douglas fir logs. I hope to get through these this week of spare time milling.
( Dialed in on the first log. About 110 bd ft. Took about 30 min. Like Jake said, once I get my brain geared to the turbosaw speed will increase. Still about 10 times faster than the CSM 8)
( A shameless pic of the wonderful piece of engineering that Jake and Mike at Turbosaw helped me to get up and going ! Hunks guys!