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Title: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: barbender on January 29, 2018, 02:58:54 PM
I've been kind of looking over a 576xp in the local saw shop,  it's the non Autotune version as near as I can tell (it has H and L screws for the carb). Does anyone have experience with both models?
Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: Stoneyacrefarm on January 30, 2018, 01:24:43 PM
I have had a 575. I ran it for almost 9 years.
Now currently have a 576At.
Like the saw a lot.
Plenty of power and no issues so far.
Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: barbender on January 30, 2018, 06:32:52 PM
Thank you for the input. What difference do you notice between the 575 and the 576AT?
Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: Stoneyacrefarm on January 31, 2018, 05:37:40 PM
576 seems to be a little more responsive.
About the same for everything else.
The 576 also came with a 4 year warranty from the dealer.
Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: HolmenTree on January 31, 2018, 08:19:58 PM
The 576XP AT has been around for at least 10 years more then enough time to work the bugs out with upgrades. Got  pictures here when my sponsor gave me 3 brand new ones for our festival's cutting competition. The file information says photos digitized 2009. So that would have been in February 2009.
Those saws were introduced about a year before then.
Very smooth fast cutting saw with lots of torque.
Actually same weight and h.p. as Husqvarna's new 572XP AT. Which is supposed to be introduced this summer in North America.
You may get a good deal then on the 576AT.
10 year track record for the 576.
 0 year for the 572.



Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: weimedog on March 04, 2018, 11:37:50 PM
Zero "track record" on any of the "new saws" being introduced this year other than in house testing and Beta sites...although I saw a 'prototype" of ONE of the new saws 5 or 6 years ago....plenty of testing since then....:) And some have very little "chainsaw" application time on the technology they are introducing as well. Whats the point?

To the 576 discussion. I've had a few 576's though the shop. Most had been through "logger hell". Seem to be pretty rugged. And I like the fact they were designed from the bottom up to be what they are vs. blending a new top end to an old case design. Really well thought out saws. They have become popular in my area as they have in fact developed a track record of reliability over time.

Also Since no one was asking about the 572, but it was injected into the conversation anyway. One point you get loud and clear from the marketing presentations is they decided to go for reliability vs. focusing on weight. That seems to mean a better designed bottom end where .... more meat is going to mean more weight. And since the concept of "Track Record" with new saws is also brought up, the auto tune technology and related peripheral issues have been dealt with for a decade now with Husqvarna, and almost as much with Stihl. 441c 's remind me a lot of the 576's. The 572 is an evolution of a proven technology. I'm willing to bet they get it right.

And to those who would call Autotune's "old" technology...this reminds me of the motorcycle world when aluminum frames were the "new" thing and steel was the "old" way to be kicked to the ash can of history. Well 18 years later the dominate brand uses steel (KTM/Husqvarna)... Point? When a technology works! Thats it. New idea's come and go, the ones that work hang around. Autotunes & supporting component And have a "track record". Looking forward to the 572 with a proven technology and the emphasis on durability vs. flashy numbers, although I'll probably acquire the new Stihl as well simply for curiosity's sake, not certain whats going to be interesting from the other brands . i'm a fan of light weight machines, infact spent way too much time in that area of endeavor. My home built "560" case and point. Much to my chagrin, My customer base couldn't care less about weigh as demonstrated with their actual purchases. (Mostly 576's, 390's, Older Stihl 460's, 440's, and 660's. Had "teething" issues with the early 562's, 372xt's, 362's and 461's. Have a couple of scorched 461top ends..maybe I'll post a pic. BUT they ALL are getting sorted out over time.) My customer base does care an awful lot about reliability and not being a R&D resource for some one else "new" design...:) 576's have passed the test of time here...:) AT vs. Carb...the AT version seems to be prefered..I like the AT's as well. The 575's had other goofy issues. Rather avoid them if given a 576 as an option.
Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: Spike60 on March 05, 2018, 06:49:57 AM
Not much to pick from between the regular and AT 576's as far as one having an advantage over the other. Honestly I'm surprised that they continued to make both versions this long. (and it ought to be noted that they both go away later this year when the 572 arrives.) Initially I think there was an argument for both as the AT gained acceptance, but it's hardly necessary now. I only stock the AT version and no one actually asks for the adjustable one. Not enough of a price difference and anyone still shy on AT buys a 372 anyway.

End users report that the 576 has a little more power than the 372 and is much smoother. It really should sell better than it does, but the 372 is the "legend model" sitting next to it at a lower price. But if your dealer is offering a deal on them, don't be afraid to buy one. They are real nice saws.
Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: Stoneyacrefarm on March 05, 2018, 09:49:38 AM
Last 2 posts were spot on. 
You guys are right on the money with your explanations. 
Thanks for posting such good info. 
Title: Re: Husky 576xp, AT vs. Non-AT
Post by: ButchC on March 05, 2018, 10:06:32 AM
Agree that making both is a ???  but I dont work in marketing either.  I have the non auto tune model only because it came up slightly used for a song.  In either form they are one of Husky's better efforts in my opinion.