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Updated Photo Posting Tutorial

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Here is a short video to show how to post photos. Please read rules for sharing photos on The Forestry Forum beneath this video link. It's not as hard as you think. 8)

1. Offsite Photos and links to offsite photos are not allowed on the Forestry Forum.
2. If you want to share your photo, it MUST be placed in the Forestry Forum gallery and then placed in a post.
3. Directing people to your gallery is also not allowed. The gallery's only purpose is to archive photos used in posts.
4. Photos not used in posts are not to be uploaded.

5. Deleting photos used in posts is not allowed and considered destruction of forum property and is grounds for being permanently banned from the Forestry Forum

doc henderson:
Jeff, got the photo thing down.  How do I post a vidio like from my phone.  I tried to email to myself and download it to my pc  then upload it to a post.  It seems to not like the format.  also thanks for the gifts for the Christmas contest.  Do I need to do anything else to get my jam?  I. e. do you need a street adress?  Thanks

@doc henderson.The jam is my fault. Address has been shared on Christmas day. I have been into Dollar Tree at least twice and each time I have forgot the bubble wrap. ::) The jam is coming direct from thecfarm. Don't worry I have not ate your prize. :D 
I will try again tommorrow on lunch.

doc henderson:
No worries.  I just wanted to make sure you did'nt need something else from me.  I want you to know this made my day, hard to do on a holiday like Christmas.  All the nurses at work are so excited.  Thanks again.  I will try to donate something for next years contest as prev. stated so will pay it forward thanks to you! :new_year:

That would be a very nice gesture.
The nurses at work will love you. Both men and women. ;)  That's how good The C Farm jam and jelly is. ;D I am the taste tester.


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