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Yes on the pictures!! I cleared off the Old Pasture. Did it one tree at a time and mowed it with my mini bush hog, a push mower!!! This was tree 6-10 across. I kept the oak for the wild life and everything else is gone. Dug out some rocks and levered out many areas and it needs another treatment with the min bush hog again.

John Mc:

--- Quote from: mike_belben on July 12, 2020, 12:39:53 AM ---Man.. Seems like just yesterday i could fit him in my pocket.

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What is that little tractor he's on? That's perfect for a kid learning the ropes!

People call them cub zeros, the original cub cadet lawn mower from the early 60s.  They can be made to look pretty cool.   I will find a better picture when i have a chance.


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