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New Style Lucas Slabber Bar


We had a chance to try out the new cutting system on the DSM 23 19 the other day on an old oak tree for some locals. For anyone curious the bars are now made of titanium and are double ended with a ball bearing idler instead of a sprocket nose. We still stock the old style bars but have found the new system cuts a bit faster and should last a good bit longer.

The Homeowners, Cherie and Dan are longtime residents of Woodland, CA, and occupy the oldest house in town. The Massive White Oak in their back-yard had been growing well before the town existed, and is estimated to be about 450 years old.  After such a long life the White Oaks health was in decline, and posed a Hazard to nearby houses and utility lines. Having just seen the Lucas Mills at our Bi-Annual Demo Day a couple weeks prior, Cherie and Dan reached out to Bailey’s and try to reclaim some wood for future projects.  

After some discussion we agreed to come and examine the Logs to see if they were viable for Slabbing. A quick scan with metal-detector and a can of spray paint later it was determined that both potential logs were absolutely riddled with metal. Having something useful besides firewood from this old tree was important to the homeowners so we did our best to to position the logs metal side down in hopes we could cut a few slabs before the metal became too much of a problem.

The next day the 1.9 meter Dedicated Slabber was set-up and the milling began.  Everything was going rather smoothly through the first couple of cuts, then we started hit the metal.  6” in on the first log we hit a small nail, 9” down we hit a large square nail. The second log wasn’t much better, after about 12” we hit an old utility cable that twisted deep into the heart of the tree. Gotta love city trees huh.

I really like your throat depth on the slabber. That's nice. What to trade?


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