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Chuck White:
My usual use for Blue Creeper is applying a drop on each end of my tooth setters readout dial indicator rod every once in a while!

A couple of days ago, I had the blade guide motor off of my sawmill, checking for stretch in the chain!
While it was off I noticed that not only was the chain stretched, but the sprocket on the end of the motor was worn!
The sprocket and the roll-pin were severely rusted in place, I tried drifting the roll-pin out, but it just didn't want to move, so I applied a couple of drops of Bluecreeper at each end of the roll-pin and both sides of the little sprocket and repeated with the Bluecreeper again in the evening!
This morning I went out and the roll-pin just drifted out just like it was supposed to!
Then I went to my tool box and got my little battery clamp puller and clamped it onto the sprocket and against the shaft and the sprocket came off so easily that I could hardly believe it!  
As long as Bluecreeper is available, I'll always have some on hand!  8)

Thanks Chuck!

Glad you found Bluecreeper to be helpful!

Chuck White:
A friend of mine once asked me "What's in that, anyway"!

I replied BlueCreeper!   ;D

Chuck White:
Used some again today!

I changed the "feed" chain and sprocket and shaft (upgrade), had a little trouble getting the power feed drive pulley off, added a couple drops to the shaft on both sides of the pulley and went to lunch!

Couple minutes messing with it when I got back out there and had it apart!

Still have about 3/4 of the bottle left!

Great stuff!  :)

Yup, it is just a natural reaction to reach for the Bluecreeper.  I did twice this week.  ;D


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