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not getting paid for saw timber

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Had a forester come out to buy timber from me. He said it would be best not to do lump sell but to do it from the ticket weight of the loads that are cut. It would be fair to me an to him. I had a good bit of Saw timber and Chip n saw. When I got to looking at the loads weight for the loads all of them showed Chip n saw no Saw timber loads. I call the forester and he agreed there should have been saw timber on some of the tickets. When he contacted the mill about it they would no correct the mistake. It hurts when you grow your timber to Saw timber and only get paid for chip n saw. Which is about half the price of saw timber. Not sure what my next move could be any help would be appreciated. :'(

Texas Ranger:

Yes but because of the amount can only go to small claim court with the timber company that I have the contract with. 

petefrom bearswamp:
So do it if it your only recourse.
In my 25 yrs experience, competitive bid, lump sum up front is the way to go.
I exclusively bid my timber and have as good a contract as is available.

Ron Scott:
Did your contract with the Buyer say that you were selling sawtimber as a separate product and at what price/species as well as chip and saw wood? Did the forester prepare the contract and was he working for you or the sawmill? You may need to have an attorney sort this out if the forester doesn't.


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