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Hello y'all! I'm Brandon Hunnicut. My sawmilling and furniture company is Watershed Wood. This is my first time posting. I've met several of y'all at the past two Sawmill Projects at Jake's. Every one of you has been above and beyond helpful to my endeavors. You all are shining examples of something Danny said to me once, "we work best when we work together."

I've recently gone fulltime with furniture and interior decor building and sawmilling. I'm looking for more work doing portable milling and wanted to ask that if y'all have jobs that you can't or don't need in the middle Georgia area, would you mind passing them on to me. I've been behind the mill for just over two years now and feel like I have a handle on how to properly and effectively custom mill on my Wood-mizer LT35. If y'all wouldn't mind, I'd greatly appreciate it. If there's anything I can do to help y'all, please don't hesitate. My phone number is 478-320-6203. Thank y'all so much for all you do!

WV Sawmiller:

   If you agree to the terms of this forum you can request to be added to the contacts list here by going to the Extras tab and signing up and people looking here can find and contact you. Since you are a Woodmizer owner you may also look into joining the WoodMizer Pro-Sawyer network and people looking there may find you. Good luck. 

Thanks so much. I though I had agreed, but I'm having trouble finding the extras tab navigating the forum from my phone. 


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