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Looking for a used 40" insert tooth saw for my Foley Belsaw A14


Timber Tom:
Does anyone out there in Circular Sawmill land know of a source for insert tooth saws?  I'm looking for a used 40" insert tooth saw for my A14 mill.  And does anyone know if the mill will take a larger saw?  I know the A18 and A20 would take a larger saw but can I put something larger than a 40" saw on the A14?  I'm in northern Wisconsin.

Thanks in advance for your kind replies.


Don P:
My M-14 came with a 46". I think we have the same basic arbor. As the blade gets bigger setup and machine tolerance holding ability gets tighter to maintain the same sawing tolerance. You've got a longer lever out from the collar, any problems get magnified.

If there are any sawshops in the area they might have a lead on a blade.

Timber Tom:
Thanks Don P!  I did get a call back from Menominee Saw and talked to Peach who is a wealth of information.  Turns out he has a saw for me!  That's a huge step forward in helping me get setup to make some sawdust!


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