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Skidder comparisons for a newbie in the northeast

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New to the forum but have been checking out posts for a while now trying to do my research before I decide on a skidder to buy.  So here's what I plan on doing with the skidder: 
1. I'm located in southern Vermont so the terrain is tight and steep so this has eliminated most larger skidders right out of the gate for me.  
2. I own a excavation company and a sugarhouse on 100 acres of land and am looking for just a small skidder to skid firewood with and clear the occasional building lot.  
3. Id like something user friendly and that doesnt have a screaming Detroit in it. 
Right now available in my area are a ton of the john deere 440 series and a few Cats, I'm looking to spend under 15k right now as I cant justify spending a ton on something that will be sitting most of the year as a "toy".
So I guess my question comes down to from what limited knowledge I have with skidders is:  Between a Deere and a Cat which is better?  I'm looking at mostly 440a and b series a few c series also a couple 540's and for the Cats a 518 and a 508.  I like the Cat just because I own Cat excavators but it seems like the Deeres are a bit more plentiful in the area and might be easier to find used parts for.
I know this is a broad question but this is where I'm at and have searched a ton for more information on the two and havent really found any comparisons on the older cats and deeres.  Thanks everyone  

Ill bite, how long are the turns? If they arent that long with that type of terrain lends itself more towards a track skidder then a wheel skidder. Something a D4H TSK or a 517 both were available with an arch and winch only.

I dont think a track skidder will fall in my price range of 15k or less thanks

 Take a ride up to Nash equipment in colebrook N.H. they'll have a number of kinds of skidder's you can get on an try out. To bad you don't like the detroits.

Its not that I dont like detroits its the fact that I have 2 of them on my crushers that by the end of the week I'm sick of listening to them run so I thought I'd shoot for something maybe a little quieter haha if that makes any sense 


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