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old john deere yellow knuckleboom log loader

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 hello,  only my second post in the ten years I've been a member. going to go look at a real old john deere log loader. I've had a few prentice and a real good hawk loader  over the years but I've never seen one like this one. from the pics I've seen it has a large chain  running over two hydraulic cylinders set up parallel to each other to turn the turntable and seat left and right. I am assuming it wont turn 360. any one have any experience with this dinosaur and any chance parts could be found. just planning on using it  around the mill and by the way its yellow in color. thanks

Can you post pictures?  It would be interesting to see.

That must be a J.D. roto boom. You should be able to find manuals on
e bay.

I had an old rotoboom. Originally the boom would be on the cat and the trailer would be behind the cat.

Rather shord on length. Made for old time pulp, I think?

The tractor looks a little light on the steering.


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