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thanks to the soldier, and god bless the vet, always remember and never forget!

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Old Greenhorn:
I always carry guilt because I did not serve. Then ended the draft just the same year I became eligible. My Dad served in WW2 (Coast Guard in the Philippines on a sub chaser), and my Brother served (Army, 1st Infantry), he died 2 years ago from what we can only attribute to his service, but there is no proof, nor do we care to prove it. 
 To say I feel indebted to every Vet, every day is pretty darn accurate. They are better men and women than I.

Chuck White:
I'll take the thank you, and I want to thank all the other vets for their service!

Old saying: "All gave some, some gave all"!

How true!

U.S. Air Force, April 1968 - April 1989

EDIT:  I was an aircraft mechanic, worked on A-26 and A-1E in Thailand!

1955-1958 U S Army signal corp. East German border.

I haven't served,  my father did, Air Force 66-68. Sentry dog veterinarian, I was born in a military hospital, thank you so much for your service and sacrifice for this country. God Bless You.

I served as a reservist in the Canadian infantry, thankful that I did not see active combat. I watched a documentary that included shots of the cemetries in France and Belgium, it brought tears to my eyes. What a waste of human life!


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