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Im new to texting. I have a 440 c 1979 j.d. great machine . Was in woods skidding shed died filter has bubbles. I pump am bleed starts an does it 2or 3 times every drag filled skidder up full stoped doing it then started again. Filled it up but doing it tall the time changed filter sprayed all lines nothing. Any help would be appreciated. I almost want to pull tank. Skidder is ment condition. One Omer farmer bought new an I purchased it had set2 years been skidding everyday until now.

There isnt alot to the fuel system on them, inlet and return hose from the tank, glass filter assembly, lift pump, then to the rail. My 440D fuel hoses started to crack and I started losing prime. Doesn't take much to change them. Also watch the bleed screw, rubber degrades and they will suck air. In doubt put a new lift pump on, they get old and hard to prime. 

Sometimes filter heads and bowls will get hairline cracks that will suck air.  Can be hard to see unless they are under pressure so a good douse of brake cleaner onto the components and an electric lift pump will show you where the leak is.  

Check the tank for debris. Sounds like you could have a bit of crud getting into the suction line.

 Look to see if the air bubbles are coming from the inlet side if so your pickup tube has rusted and has a pin hole in it.


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