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First Color

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This is our first "Color" of the season.  :)

And the low 20's tomorrow night will probably knock the leaves off.  :-X

alan gage:
We've still got a little of the white color that fell a week ago. Not a normal thing for it to stick around this time of year. Low of 0 forecast tonight and then it warms up a bit again. Hopefully it lasts for a long while!

Stay warm down there! Cold is a relative thing.


Sure is pretty but Im not familiar with it. What is it? 

Sorry Roxie, I shoulda said that it was Crepe Myrtle.  I trim back to the trunk each year so all of this is this year's growth. 

There are three of them and they are my view from my chair with the Live Oaks in the background.  The Red Maples have not turned yet but I'll bet this weekend's cold will give them a jump start.

I wonder if Myrtle is related to Suzette? ???


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