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"Link Mismatch Detected" from email notification


John Mc:
When I get a notification via email, if I click on the link I get the warning/error message"

--- Quote ---Link Mismatch Detected

The link you just clicked seems to lead to another site than what the link text indicated. This is sometimes used for tracking whether you clicked the link, but it could also be a scam.

The link text indicated that the link would lead to, but it leads to
--- End quote ---
I'm thinking this happened after some previous forum update, and there was some trick to making the warning stop showing up, but I can't figure it out now.

Is the link going through sendgrid? We have to use a pay service to deliver email due to the volume to keep gmail from calling it spam.  That could be it. I dont use the function, but it counts the clicks via the emails so you know if i wanted to know. I dont.

John Mc:
Yes. Sendgrid


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