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This I.P address has been banned.

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Hi there,
I hope one of the admin staff can help.
Iíve just tried to log-in on my laptop but thereís a message saying that my IP address has been banned, and the page immediately changes to some unrelated page. Iíve no reason that it should be and am at loss to know why. Iím writing this via my smart phone as itís my only option.
If someone can explain what I can do, Iíd be very grateful.

Im looking into it. Looks to me like you are in Great Britain?

Is there a reason given for the I.P. ban in the warning? 

Hi Jeff,
Yes, Iím in the UK. 
It doesnít give a reason but the message does add, ďMany times an old I.P. Ban will effect a member that it should notĒ. But Iíve never been banned before so i guess that wouldnít apply. 
Hoping you can help.
Best Rob

I'm still looking for it, and have not found it.  Some ISP's give you a different I.P. address each time you login. If we ban a current threat and that I.P. gets used later by someone else, they of course see the ban. Sometimes we ban an I.P. because of what we see are doing as a guest. Like trying to look at profiles one after another. They can't but they try.

Over 20 years these add up.


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