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Best wishes to all our colleagues Down Under

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Hearing so much about the fires.  I just hope for the best for everyone in one of my favorite countries.  Special thoughts for all of our posters in upside down land.  If you can spend your whole life standing upside down on a ball I guess the fires won't keep your spirits low for too long.  Stay safe and best wishes!

Very gracious of you Nativewolf.  We in Canada send our best to them as well.  It's pretty unimaginable.

My thoughts are with all of you as well, I have experienced forest fires and they are devastating. Above all, stay safe.

Me too, Ive been watching it on the news.  Devastating situation.  Ive visited Adelaide, its a beautiful place.  Great people.  

You know it's bad when you get visible smoke haze over 1,000 miles downwind...  :(


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