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63 Timberland and Ellicott 205 skidder resto mod

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 Thanks for the add we have taken on the huge project of a rebuild of a 63 timberland and Ellicott ( Timberjack? ) it had had a hard life before being caught in a grassfire . Currently stripping it down to nothing and starting again with a late model power train from a small hino truck . This old girl has been modified in the past and would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of these old girls as they are not very common here in Australia 

 Wow! You are taking on quite a challenge there. Good luck with the project, and please keep showing us your progress. Youll know that machine inside and out by time youre done. Does this skidder have sentimental value or a family history to you?

Welcome to the Forum.  That's quite a project there!!  

Boy I don't know, after being burned that hot it's likely not worth it. The steel gets really soft.

Oh your my kind of people! Tackle anything. ;) I have a 1963 Timberjack 201B that's almost identical to the 205... I think the 205 had a larger engine. Mine had a 172 Ford diesel in it originally but I swaped it for a 250 Chevy when the Ford bit the bullet. I have a lot of pic's in my gallery and feel free to ask anything you want about the old girl, here to help.



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