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360d/540GIII AC/Heater not functioning


just curious if anyone has had experience with losing power to blower, temperature selector and defrost/ac switch all at once. happened to me this morning, fuses appear fine, relays i checked.
wondering if a wire between the relay and the switches is going bad. I have noticed that the blower will weaken throughout the day, running heat or AC. I don't think the blower is bad, it seems there is just no power reaching any of those functions. 

The the load wire that comes out of the blower relay will get heat damaged over time creating the low voltage situation. Often you can see this by removing the relay where you can see discoloration of the spade receptors and sometimes distortion of the plastic.  The fuse panel is modular and be partially repaired but is difficult . The way I have solved that issue is by cutting the wires loose from the back of fuse /relay board and running to a continuous ford type relay mounted to metal wall behind the fuse panel.

This is great information, Kiko, thanks!
there is a heater blower relay that must have been bypassed because it's just gone now, definitely looks like it got hot at one time, I will dig into that tomorrow and try to figure out where they went with those wires, if i can. The Relays I tested today were for the high speed blower relay and the purge blower relay. Would one of those be sending power to the temp selector dial, fan speed dial and defrost/ac switch? seems like theses must all be tied to the same relay.
thanks again.

tore back into it this morning and turns out they had re located the heater blower relay to behind the dash monitor/screen. not the first place i would have looked but im glad i did. that relay was bad, switched it out and back in business. Thanks again Kiko!



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