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J 5:
          Just finished this Muskeg, picked it up in oct 2017, it was an ex ontario hydro machine. At the time I was getting ready to use another hull and build a copy of a Jimmy Skidder, but this unit popped up , with only 400 hrs on a rebuilt dodge 318, to good to transform into a Jimmy.
         Tore it down, the usual suspension rebuild underneath, diff was good, clutch replace, 20 gallon pump  mounted off the crank, air compressor for the gearmatic, built a boom with fairlead and generally added what I wanted , for playing in the bush.
        I still plan on keeping my 2  J 5's as they are pretty nimble in tight spots . In the last couple months 2 Jimmy's showed up in my area, 1 for sale and the other in use by a distant neighbor..... never fails.  May have get one yet , or build one .
                                                                        J 5






Nice work. Sounds like you know these machines. Why is it that when you settle for something the one you really wanted comes along.

That is neat looking, I have absolutely no need for something like that but I'd love to have it anyway! 8)

J 5:

--- Quote from: gspren on July 10, 2020, 08:36:57 AM ---That is neat looking, I have absolutely no need for something like that but I'd love to have it anyway! 8)

--- End quote ---
  Yes , when the hull is stripped to a bathtub and your 16 wheels need  32 bearings repacked or replaced and  axles are bent. It crosses you mind "do I really need this "  !
   Unfortunately it's an addictive hobby for me.... I can't get enough of them !
                                                                      J 5



I can't wait to see pictures of it hauling logs !

I did really enjoy working on my J5 and Muskeg but for various reasons didn't actually use them much. The Muskeg wouldn't turn with my log trailer attached and loaded; a physics problem that I don't understand and the J5 is a little light to tow the trailer but I do get around with the J5/trailer when half loaded on unsteep ground.

I even came to enjoy changing races and bearings ! And rebent each of the track backing plates for one track. I should change belts on the other track this summer to stay busy.

You are so lucky to have your machine shop tools and knowledge  :)


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