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Yup, I got a scare last night.  I had typed out a reply when my laptop screen went totally black except for the cursor which was a white arrow that I could still move around.  I let it set for quite a while waiting for something else to happen.   ::)  Well, nothing happened so I shut it down.  It came back on with a message saying that it was updating.  After the wheel stopped turning the screen was totally Microsoft Edge.  No Icons, no Favorites, no nothing.  Not good.  :-X  I closed MS Edge and tried Firefox and there was nothing there but 3 windows that I had never seen before. 

Tonight I Googled on the old laptop to find out how to do a System Restore.  Well wheels turned and lights blinked for quite a while before it restarted.  I had to wade through the error messages being careful to answer them in the way I thought they wanted them answered.  Success !!!   I most certainly did not want "Again...again".

I simply hate computers. I really do.

My thoughts are that this was a Microsoft "event".  No question they are monitoring and know that I am using Firefox rather than MS Edge.  I occasionally get a message telling me how much better and faster Edge would be, so my thoughts are that with this latest update, they seized my laptop and forced Edge to the top while covering Firefox up where I could not find it.  :-X

I know use Apple, etc. but that ain't what I got.


A sorta "Asian/Hindi/India" speaking guy called this evening and informed me that I had been having computer problems and that he could fix it.....

So maybe my laptop sent a failure message to MS or this guy was responsible for ransomware etc.  I told him that I had not had any computer problems and he wanted to know why I didn't believe him??  How can anyone know the proper thing to do when you get a call like that? 

I hung up so now I am waiting for the "magic smoke" to escape from this laptop.   ::)   :-X 


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