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Snow Snake & Snow Flea pics

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i,m with you bob sawdusttitas it is cause from extended removale of sawdust for the lungs and bloodstream. the only known remidy is the first day of sawing in the spring.


--- Quote ---There is PLENTY of GOOD snow snake info here on the forum is someone does a search.
--- End quote ---

Furby is absolutely right and probably the only best place to find out the TRUE facts about 'snowsnakes'. :P

Texas Ranger:

Uncle Buck, those Wyoming jack a lopes are phonies, west Texas, is the onliest place ya can find the real ones.


Did ya notice this:

--- Quote ---Manitoba has long been rumored to the be the home of the reptilian world's most elusive member, the snow snake! Thought to be circumpolar in distribution, the only other verified sightings of snow snakes (Serpentius niveus) come from halfway around the planet, in the Siberian outpost of Ophidiostok, near its renowned vodka distillery
--- End quote ---


Methinks the "Vodka Distillery" may have something to do with it...

Maybe that there Snow Snake can also write his name in the snow?

asy :D


UNCLEBUCK, if yer gonna be in snow snake country make sure you have antidote, the Ky. variety of snow snake is extremely serious and requires antidote immediately

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