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Geotextiles and skidding trails

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The use of geotextiles in building roads is becoming much more common place. Are any of you using any type of fabric under your roads or trails at this time?

Thanks in advance

L. Wakefield:
   As it happens i am quite interested in this right now- and for a very unique reason. Yesterday I had a 'stuck cow'. I've never had a stuck cow before. The snow is 5-6ft deep in the barn yard, and the cows had previously been sensible enough to stay on terra (relatively) firma, venturing out only a bit as I fed out onto the deeper snow on the periphery.
  So instead yesterday this damfool cow starts blundering out- gets foundered so she can't turn around- then continues in a curving path toward the back of the barn til she was wedeged beyond belief. I came along when she was shivering and had muscle spasms, snow already showing signs of her bleeding (still haven't figured out from where). So I started digging. Got a 6ft diameter hole to start with, til she could stand up and turn around. And that was only the beginning. Despite my packing and digging, she foundered 3 more times before we got her back to safety (my husband and a friend showed up and helped after the first hour of working and cussing). There is nowhere I do NOT ache.
  But of course I immediately wondered about some type of mat to throw down while the snow is in this 'rotten' state. I don't think it's really practical, but I see your post, so I thought I'd ask what they make, how much it costs, dimensions, and etc.

  Don't ever let your cows get stuck.   LW

L Wakefield, this link is for you--

Here is one more that might interest you

Hope this helps

Don P:
They have been used around jobsites and new development roads I've worked in. Great stuff,one job we had a cat on standby it got so sloppy, a layer of that and some ballast stone and we had concrete trucks on it with no problems. A subdivision road had that down and the plows kept snagging it thru the winter.
L.W. I have visions of foundered cow wrapped in this stuff...poke leg holes and you have a sling though,maybe just outfit the cows? :D

Bill Johnson:
I have seen this stuff used on a pretty regular basis, usually around water crossings. I've also seen it used on winter crossings that are removed after harvesting is done. The other application I've seen is when it was used to support a road across a swamp. What they did in this case was to cut the right of way during the winter, then they left all the slash etc on the road bed, covered this with geotextile and then built the road over top. As far as I know they are still using this road today and the construction was about 20 years ago.
I'll check some sources and see if I can't find some more info about this.



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