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Trailer upgrades

Started by Walnut Beast, September 08, 2023, 11:31:22 PM

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Walnut Beast

Rock tamers work pretty good but it's war on the limestone rock roads. Auxiliary LED lights are a game changer. Anybody looking at getting a Gooseneck. The  hydraulic jacks and beaver tail with a wireless remote are game changers  






Very nice craftsmanship on those wood side boards.
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Nice looking trailer!  

What are the things hanging off the back of the skid steer?
Anything someone can design, I can sure figure out how to fix!
If I say it\\\\\\\'s going to take so long, multiply that by at least 3!


Looks like dog wants to go for a ride! running-doggy
Under bark there's boards and beams, somewhere in between.
Cuttin' while its green, through a steady sawdust stream.
I'm chasing the sawdust dream.

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Walnut Beast

Thanks guys! Brad it's a log arch I fabricated for skidding logs out. Need to use a chain instead of the choker on the bigger stuff to get a little extra height. I've pulled some big stuff out with it.  

Diesel actually did ride back there last night. He definitely likes being in the cab but doesn't behave or listen 


That's a nice looking trailer. Is it GVWR of about 25K?

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Walnut Beast

It's actually a 30k trailer but they put it at 25,900 so no 12% FET tax.

The winch is another game changer. I loaded this van in a few minutes with the wireless remote and steering it up on at the same time. No problem leaving most of it on the tail since it will lift 10k.  It will be simple to unload without

 anything else.  




Walnut Beast

Hutch suspension, 17.5 tires and disc brakes are an excellent upgrade.





Keep an eye on all the bushings in the hutch suspension. My tilt deck has that setup and I have far less than the "one million miles" on the rocker bushings and have already had to replace a few over the years. Good setup and will buy it again on the next trailer, but don't buy into the "good forever" hype they claim.

Walnut Beast

Thanks for the heads up Chevy!

Here's a picture of the inside of the hydraulics and electric over hydraulic disc brake actuator. No need to use the wired remote for hydraulics when the key fob remote works awesome. The silver valve lever is down to use the hydraulic jacks and turn to the rear when using the tail.  

Walnut Beast

Binders. I know almost everyone uses ratchet binders it seems nowadays. I'm upgrading from my recoil-less lever binders to ratchet binders and was going to get some American made CM ratchet binders and at the last minute got swayed into getting quick binders. There on the way. Everyone that has them seems to really like them. 3/8-1/2 Will is 12,000. Anybody run them?

Walnut Beast

Package arrived. Here are the binders. Notice the lock you can put on. The free spool switch position on the binder works like a charm. 

Was at the tire place and they were mounting these for a guy.



 17.5 tires are not cheap for the good ones. 600 bucks each. 


WB, I've been using these speed binders for about 3 yrs now. They heavy and expensive, but they work fantastic. I have 8 of them on the semi, well worth the investment if you're frequently using chains.
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Walnut Beast

Boones those speed binders do look pretty nice. 

These quick binders are pretty fast with the free spin to hand tighten or loosen then engage the ratchet to tighten or loosen. I was pretty happy and surprised the hooks on the binders fit the 5/8 D rings on the trailer. These 100 grade Pewag hooks and chain are overkill but that's just fine. The hooks on the one end have a spring pin to stay on the chain and great for working solo. I've got a 20' one that has them on both ends and works fantastic winching in the woods. They are replaceable pins if something happened 


Tom King

Thanks for posting about those hooks.  I didn't know about them.

Grade 100 Clevis Grab Hook w/ Safety Catch Pewag

Walnut Beast

They are very handy Tom. 
The free spin on the binders are so fast.



Walnut Beast


 Air ride hitch. Pulls and rides beautiful loaded or unloaded.  
Not all balls are created equal 😂

OH logger

I bought one of those shocker hitches with the last gooseneck I bought.  What a difference maker.  No more rough rides.  At all. Love it and my teeth do too lol 


Had a 40' gooseneck horse trailer when I was moving horses for hire that had air over torsion suspension. Oh my word was that a sweet ride! 
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Walnut Beast

Speaking of the torsion ones the guys that run these say they work really good also.

Walnut Beast

If anybody is on the fence about hydraulic jacks and dovetail get it! Corded and wireless remote. You will never regret it. Absolutely so fast loading and unloading and hooking up and unhooking. The remote for both. On the remote after so long you need to wake it up by pushing both buttons down for a few seconds then it's up or down that way if you accidentally pushed one of the buttons in your pocket or whatever it won't work


Walnut Beast

Was on a nasty dirt road with a funky not normal sharp turn coming on a busy highway with the gooseneck and made the sharp turn on the highway with a bridge right there and thought something was going on with the transmission. Then looked like the brakes were locked up. Jumped out on the bridge with cars already stacking behind and pulled the trailer plug and still locked. Pulled the locked up trailer across the longer bridge to the shoulder before I caused an accident. And you guessed it went back and said it's gotta be the breakaway cable. It was. Got caught. Changed the location and might have to get a coiled one 


I hate breakaway cables. I understand the safety aspect of them, but being out in the woods and such with my trailers those cables snag stuff and get pulled out. Then I'm dragging the brakes, sure on the highway you'd know but on a woods road and soft ground the Cummins powered trucks don't really notice🤷
Too many irons in the fire


Well if a guy doesn't notice that he is pushing two fully loaded B trains, up a hill, backwards, for a 1/4 mile, with the drivers still in the cabs how would he ever notice a gooseneck with locked up tires on a dirt road?  :D
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Woodmizer LT Super 70 and LT35 sawmill, KD250 kiln, BMS 250 sharpener and setter
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Enough cows to ensure there is no spare time.
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😂😂😂 I lobbed a soft pitch there 😂😂😂
Too many irons in the fire


You know, that poor guy I backed into went and parked that truck, got the insurance money and went and got a job in the stud mill. Hasn't drove truck since. Many have told me I did the world a favor🤦😂
Too many irons in the fire


Yikes, you guys are into monster trailers that cost a small fortune.

I made a few modifications to my 17ft car hauler that now doubles as a log hauler.  


First, I added a winch mount at the head of the trailer.  Then a log arch for loading the trailer.  It fits into brackets and is removable to allow the tractor and cars to be loaded.

Stabilizer jacks were added at the corners to keep the trailer from bucking upwards when loading vehicles or logs.

Tossed the cheapie stock tires and put on Maxxis tires that exceed the 7K rated capacity of the trailer.
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Walnut Beast

Dump trailers are too handy not to have one😊. Diamond C has incorporated the engineered beam frame on the heavier LPT dump trailers with some great new features and I'm really liking it. Definitely has to be a gooseneck with hydraulic jacks. Last years 210 had a 20k gvwr this year it's 23. All dump and assume the flat bed units get weighed at factory with options and the actual weight of trailer sticker gets put on at factory now.

Walnut Beast

22k load with telescopic lift all three stages with 16' trailer no problem

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