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Need Information on Logging Land


I have recently inherited 80 acres of mature cedar. I want to log it and your information on hiring a consulting forester was helpful, but how do I find such a forester when I am in a different state than Michigan (the land's location)? Also, will the forester be able to help me assess the worth of the trees or is that the logging companies job? Last, how does payment occur (before cutting, after or some combination of the two)?....This is all quite confusing to me and I am leary of everyone who contacts me.  (People began contacting me one week after my father died and the word spread that he had passed the land on to me.  I want to do this properly to best use his legacy to me) Oh, and to make matters a bit more tricky, I believe the land needs a road built on our easement (Should the logging company build the road?). Can the forester answer all these questions?

Any insight would be much appreciated.


Ron Scott:
Yes, a professional consulting forester can answer
all your land and resource management questions. Where are you located and where is your property located in Michigan?

The land is in the Northern Lower Penninsula and I am out on the West Coast.  However, I will be returning to the area and would like to begin to better manage the land.

c g, I know Ron can be of great help to you, he will either know the right people in the area or he might even work in that area himself. I recommend you contact him by e-mail or look at his webpage and get his phone number.


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