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Author Topic: LT15 Returns to it's home state  (Read 6156 times)

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Offline Bro. Noble

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Re: LT15 Returns to it's home state
« Reply #20 on: November 04, 2002, 06:10:19 PM »

Missin Pin----Pissin Min    not much difference.

I don't know about Jeff and the washing machine,  But after learning how you handle your cargo, You're nuts if you think you'll ever get me on the back of your motorcycle.

milking and logging and sawing and milking

Offline Jeff

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Re: LT15 Returns to it's home state
« Reply #21 on: November 04, 2002, 06:21:16 PM »

Do you know how to keep a guy from peoria (or near) in suspense?
Just call me the midget doctor.
Forestry Forum Founder and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

Commercial circle sawmill sawyer in a past life.
Ezekiel 22:30

Offline whitepe

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Re: LT15 Returns to it's home state
« Reply #22 on: November 05, 2002, 11:08:45 AM »

Well, If you won't go on my motorcycle maybe
my wife will take you on her Harley.  Several
years ago the wife, a friend and I had our bikes
up in the eastern U.P. of Michigan near Jeff's
bear hunting cabin.  We stopped at the Hessel
bakery and my friend bought a cherry cheesecake
and the folks at the bakery put it in a cardboard
box.  Well my friend had no luggage carrier so
he put it in my tail trunk.  When we got back
on the otherside of Cedarville we had cheesecake
splattered all over the inside of the box.
Another time the wife and I ran into Bruce and Jessica
Maze (spelling?)  at the bakery in Detour.  Bruce and
his wife had given up their teaching jobs down below
to live in the U.P. Bruce is now a guard at a prison
somewhere in the eastern U.P.  He rides his Harley
to work on second shift about 7 or 8 months a year.
He said that one had to watch out for the three D's
while riding in the U.P.  That would be deer, drunks,
and debris.  He has driven over deer hit by a vehicle
in one lane while he was in the other, he has run over
lawn chairs falling off of campers and he has dodged
his fair share of drunks in the wrong lane coming
home after second shift.

Now for the Sears washer story.  Back in 87 when we
were living in Peoria and just before we moved to our
current location we had purchased a new Sears washer
for the new house as our old ones sold with the other house.
I went downtown after work with my car and trailer
to pick it up about 5:30 PM and when I got there I had
discovered that I had forgotten my tie down straps.
I didn't have enough time to go home and come back
before they closed at 6:00 PM.  My trailer had
some 2X4's nailed to the wooden bed that had
been used as rear wheel chocks for the motorcycles.
So I put the washer on the trailer in front of the chocks.
I was about 1 mile from home and had just
come around a bend in I-74 and was just about to the
exit.  A gust of wind came up, tipped the washer over
and I felt the bump when it landed on it's side
on the trailer. Unfortunately some of it was overhanging
the end of the trailer add it rocked for what seemed
2 or 3 seconds before it slid off the back of the trailer
about a 10 inch drop.
I was expecting to see it tumble end for end and break
into a million pieces.  Instead, since it was packed
in a heavy waxy cardboard it just slid to a stop in the
middle of the right hand lane. By the time I stopped
I was at my exit. So, I got out ran back and slid the
box back to the trailer about 200 - 300 feet.  
Just as I got there and before I had loaded it back
on the trailer a man in a new cadillac pulled up
and put his window down. I was expecting him to
say would you like some help getting the
washer back on the trailer.  Instead he started cussing me
out for losing the washer. I was so *pithed by
his tongue lashing that I gave the box a big old bear
hug and picked it up and loaded back onto the
trailer in one motion.  The only thing that was wrong
with the box was a small whole made by an eye bolt
that was fastened to the trailer to tie down the bikes.
I've always said that if I ever met the packaging
engineer who designed the box that I would buy him
dinner or something.  That washer is still going strong
today and has never had any repairs except for
a new drain hose.  8)


blue by day, orange by night and green in between

Offline Bibbyman

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Re: LT15 Returns to it's home state
« Reply #23 on: November 05, 2002, 11:38:59 AM »
Your washer story is similar to my chair story;

My family is dirt poor and some dont even have dirt.  But one Christmas all of my mom's brothers and sisters and grown grandchildren went together and bought my grandmother a glider rocker for Christmas.  As mom clerked at the local store at Christmas time so she was able to order it at cost.  

It came in the week before Christmas and I was given the task of bringing it to our house to wait for Christmas morning.  We got it loaded into my 69 El Camino and pushed the back of the chair it up against the front of the bed.  

All went well until we turn onto the blacktop road heading out to the farm.  I got up to about 50 and looked back in the mirror to see the chair slide back,  hit the tailgate and tumble over it.  It all happened in slow motion but there was no time to react or prevent it. :o

We were not so lucky.  A chair went over the tailgate but what we retrieved was a large torn up burlap sack full of sticks and cotton padding.:'(  

Fortunate for me,  mom was along to witness the event.  She somehow came up with another chair in time for Christmas.  
Wood-Mizer LT40HDE25 Super 25hp 3ph with Command Control and Accuset.
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