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Indoor wood furnace, Englander 28-3500

Started by logwalker, October 25, 2007, 12:52:13 AM

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Has anybody ever used an Englander Stove. I am looking at their 28-3500. It is a hot air supplementary furnace. I talked to the company and they said they have been making it for 15 years with no problems at all. Supposed to heat 3000 sq.feet. Has a big ash pan and 800 cfm blower to move the air. Good looking shop heater for sure. Take a look. The best part is it is for sale at Homedepot for $1100, Joe

Englanderstove add on furnace.
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I've owned two of them Joe. One was a unit that sat in front of an old style fireplace and the other was a smaller unit than the one you linked to. Both were well built for the money I paid, no complaints from me.


My father has an old Englander fireplace insert. It is well built with thick steel. He bought it in the early1980's. He quit using it about three years ago. Mom got tired of the ash dust in the living room.

I know the first winter we had it I piled a bunch of hedge in it and did not get it shut down quick enough. The top started to turn red but we shut off the air and it finally cooled down. It never seemed to hurt the insert. I was more careful after that.

I didn't know they still made stoves. I wish I had one instead of the one I have. His was well made. Also my cousin brought a used one from a guy and is heating an old farm house with it.

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Hit my link in the first post and check it out. It sure seems like a lot of stove for the money. Make a great shop heater. Joe
Let's all be careful out there tomorrow. Lt40hd, 22' Kenworth Flatbed rollback dump, MM45B Mitsubishi trackhoe, Clark5000lb Forklift, Kubota L2850 tractor


3000 sq ft?  Wow.  I could sell the Blaze King wood stove we have in the house, buy one of these, install it in the detached 900 sq ft garage/shop, run ducting through the utilidor to connect it to the crawl space, and then I could heat the shop, crawl space, and living space all with wood.  That's really tempting, seeing as how selling the Blaze King would almost pay for the one you linked to.

I wonder how much firewood it consumes?


I've a 24fc englander that we bought in 93 and have heated with it ever sense i use the gas furnace just for back up and if it gets cold enough at night it might come on I'm lazy any more and don't get up to put wood in at night  I had to replace the blower last spring just at the end of heating season


I had a one just exactly like that in our house for 3 winters.  It replaced another Englander that didn't have grates or that big a blower.  Both were great stoves.  The first one is in Da UP camp now.  The second I sold when I put in the outdoor furnace.  It sat at one end of the house with a 90 elbow coming out  the top and kept our 1,200sqft house a toasty 80 degrees on 15+- face cords a season.  I think I paid 750.00 for it 8 years ago.  The 3000sqft rating I think is a bit high though
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