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     Some changes have occured in the functions of our forum. If you have not logged out and returned as a guest you probably have not even noticed!

    Your profile, and the members list are now hidden except from our members. The instant messaging has been updated, and a help system that will help you post pictures and custom text is on the way. (soon)

    One function that I would like your comments on is the popup alert you get if you have a message. Let me know if you want to keep it or if it should be history.(it kinda annoys me) It,s easy enough to tell if you have a private message now by simply looking at your sidebar.

L. Wakefield:
mmm, I agree, it is annoying. I kept the 2nd or 3rd message you'd sent, cuz I liked the artwork. But the reminder kept popping up.      LW

The pop-up alert for instant messages is history!

Are there any functions that you all would like to see added? Or any that you think need some changes?

L. Wakefield:
yeah man! Change your icon so that you are facing away from the puter screen! I want to see what you look like! (LOL) It looks like you are working way too hard. Honestly, where did you get that graphic? It looks like some of the old R. Crum work, if you ever read any underground comix. His guys were always skinny and neurotic, and very very funny, as well as rude. I saw them when I was in college, and now my son is in college and looking at comix himself. R. Crum is now a classic- I don't know if he's still alive.

Jeff: asked for it, front view!

Here's a link for ya


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